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Surrogacy Dreams offers a variety of surrogacy programs in state of the art clinics with great results and high success rates. We will support you throughout the journey - starting with the surrogate match and choosing the egg donor, through the medical procedure, the pregnancy and the legal procedure - until you go back home safely.


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Our three step process

Donor Matching

We insure the selection of donors we offer for the egg and surrogate process have had medical screenings to the highest standards and are properly compensated

The Medical Process

Our medical process consists of a variety of programs that include finding an appropriate sperm donation. Afterwards, we select your donor for the IVF procedure. Finally we schedule genetic testing which precedes an Embryo transplant.

Once the surrogate has been chosen and properly compensated. We dedicate an agent to follow up and care for her needs. We want to make sure that your future family member in the making is healthy and properly taken care of.

The Surrogate

“Surrogacy is one of the biggest decisions you will ever take. We want to make it comfortable and inform you on all of your options ”

Ben Rosanes

CEO of

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